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Pastoral Staff

John Semmes

John Semmes

Interim Senior Pastor

ext. 108 | Off: Fri.

Reach out to John Semmes

Ministry Staff

John Semmes

Mary Catherine Lemmond

Director of Children and Family Ministry

ext. 107 | Off: Mon. & Fri.

Diane Knauf

Brian Pappal

Director of Music Ministries

ext. 106 | Off: Fri.

Director Anne Stark in a red blouse against a gray wall

Anne Stark

Director of Youth and Family Ministry

ext. 104 | Remote: Mon.

Support Staff

John Semmes

Julie Cazin

Receptionist / Membership Coordinator

ext. 101 | Mon-Wed., 9-2pm

Diane Knauf

Lauren Phelps

Communication Specialist

ext. 111 | working remotely

Director Anne Stark in a red blouse against a gray wall

Cindy Ingalls

Facility / office Manager 

ext. 110 | Mon-Fri. 9-4pm

John Semmes

John Montague

Business Administrator

ext. 103 | Off: Fri.

Diane Knauf

Mark Stevens

Building Maintenance

ext. 118 | Sun-Thurs.

Our Church Officers

Meet the elders and deacons of SAPC

Church officers are nominated by our Nominating Committee. The nominees are then elected by the active membership during a congregational meeting. Ruling Elders on the Session and Deacons on the Diaconate ordinarily serve 3-year terms with the exception of the Youth Elder, who serves a 1-year term.



Steve Brueggeman, Facilities

Pat Cash, Personnel

David Finch, Finance

Chris Hagan, Adult Education

A.J. Ingalls, Youth

Bethany Inge, Youth Elder

Shirley Willett, Worship & Music



Phyllis Ade, Fellowship

Beth Carmichael, Fellowship

John Marquis, Moderator

Richard Mueller, Co-moderator





Krista Brinchek, Children’s Ministry

Katie Hirscher, Worship & Music

Mike Schley, Social Justice



Richard Casey, Care coordinator

Kathy Kidd, Fellowship

Paige Ritchie, Recorder

Craig Widen, Membership

Trey Williams, Outreach



Jeff Adkins, Outreach

CJ Edwards, Clerk

Lori Edwards, Stewardship

Nancy Roy, Stewardship



Nancy Chocklett

Ellie Drumm

Wendy Foreman

Mark Gregory

Marcia Hanks

Our Church Committees

Meet the committee members of SAPC

In carrying out its mission, the Session of Saint Andrews has established committees for ministry and operations. The committees are usually chaired by a Ruling Elder and include additional members from the congregation and a staff liaison member as appropriate to the function of the committee.

Adult Education


Chris Hagan


Bill Baiocchi, Ralph Flanary, Sarah Flanary, Shelley Kane, Sue Parks


Children’s Ministry


Krista Brinchek


Chrissy Bohoslawec, Melissa Chamoff, Kyle Covingon, Mary Catherine Ingalls (Staff), Marj Jenkins (Staff), Jim Moore, Nicole Williams




John Mitchell


Michael Marshall, Joel Millikan, John Montague (Staff), Monty Parker, Joyce Peck, John Semmes (Staff), John Strickland




Steve Brueggeman


Jarrod Baccus, Tom Cadwallader, Cindy Ingalls(Staff), Joe Mielcarek, Stephanie Mitchell, Bob Nelson, Tim Sullivan, Bob Williams




David Finch


Shelley Kane, Glenn McCoy, Keith McDonald, John Montague (Staff), Joyce Peck, Carrie Pedersen, John Semmes (Staff), Jon Strickland


Memorial Courtyard Board


Stephanie Mitchell


Mark LaMantia, Paul Meder, Joyce Peck, Pat Tolley




Craig Newton


Jessica Brueggeman, Pat Cash, Lee Griffin, Smokey Hay, Diana Kennedy, Scott Pollock, Rosemarie Sholl, Dave Skergan




Jeff Adkins


Kitty Burlington, Tom Cogswell, Elizabeth Lusk, Beth Mielcarek, John Semmes (Staff), Karen Weber




Pat Cash


Jessica Brueggeman, Tina Gordon, Creed Huddleston, Stephen Jones, John Semmes (Staff)




Lori Edwards, Nancy Roy


Mark LaMantia, B.J. Ritchie, John Semmes (Staff), Trey Williams




Social Justice


Mike Schley, JD Ice, Vice Chair

Steering Committee

Jessica Brueggeman, Juan Ayala-Carmona, Lori Edwards, Sherry Hay, Katie Hirscher, Judy Ice, Mark LaMantia, Elizabeth Lusk, John Semmes (Staff), Charlotte Sullivan


Tom Cadwallader, Nettie Carson, Pat Cash, Julie Cazin, Tracey Colores, Dan Cook, Frank Edwards, John Fisher, Marcia Fort, Gary Greene, Heather Horton, Harry Hurd, Marcia Hurd, Audrey Hum, Laura Kent, Sue King, Cindy Ingalls, Dustin Ingalls, Megan Jones, Shelley Kane, Stephanie Mitchell, Melissa Peacock, Jerry Perkins, Trenna Perkins, Mishelle Smith, Jennifer Volpacchio, Jennifer Younce


Worship and Music


Katie Hirscher, Shirley Willett


Pat Bickel, Connie Clark, Nancy Dye, Sandy Gregory, Brook Hagan, Elaine Mueller, Brian Pappal (Staff), John Semmes (Staff), Trey Williams (Deacon Representative), Eileen Wires, Gretchen Wrigley




A.J. Ingalls


Beth Bailey-Myers, Amy Brown, Smokey Hay, Andy Mallard, Kristen McHugh, Craig Newton, Anne Stark (Staff), Catherine Woodard, David Woodard


Search for a New Pastor

We are currently on the search for a new senior pastor. Yes, it is a bit complicated. No, it does not move quickly, only deliberately…but always with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If you have any questions, please feel free to please call our office at (919) 847-1913 for more information.

January-March '20

The Interim Pastor spends time getting to know the Saint Andrews community and understanding its culture, ministry and mission.

A team organized by the Interim Pastor oversees administration of the presbytery’s required congregational self-assessment inventory, known as the Church Assessment Tool (CAT). All members are invited to participate, and the results will inform the upcoming pastor search process.

April-June '20

September-November '20

A Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is elected by the congregation. Their sole responsibility is to identify and call the next installed pastor. The PNC drafts a Ministry Information Form (MIF). This is the “resume” of the church and serves the purpose of giving prospective installed pastors an understanding of both the job description and SAPC’s ministry and mission.

The completed Ministry Information Form is submitted to both the Presbytery of New Hope and the Session for approval, then circulated at the national level.

December '20

January '21 & forward

The PNC meets regularly to receive and review Personal Information Forms, or PIFs (resumes of interested pastors), conduct thorough interviews with prime candidates, and ultimately (by way of the Presbytery and Session) present a candidate to the congregation for approval.

Our Progress

At Saint Andrews we seek to honor God in the senior pastor search process through an intentional search process. Follow our progress below! 

  • VCongregation votes on and welcomes new senior pastor
  • VPNC searches for and selects a senior pastor
  • ZCongregation elects a pastor nominating committee (PNC)
  • ZInterim pastor is called to Saint Andrews
  • ZSession creates interim pastor nominating committee

Honoring God’s Call

Read about our process for calling a senior pastor.

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