Listeners, Encouragers, Prayer Partners

A Stephen Minister provides confidential one-to-one lay Christian care. While they are not professional counselors or therapists, pastors or physicians, they are trained and supervised volunteers who offer support by listening, praying and encouraging. They are willing to talk about spiritual issues but won’t force them. Stephen Ministers usually meet weekly with their care receiver for about an hour.

The “After” People

Oftentimes, we don’t realize the hurt we’re experiencing until after the fact. Stephen Ministers are there for you during these times. After relationships end but the wounds are still present. After the doctor said “there’s nothing more we can do.” After the divorce papers have been signed. After the funeral service has concluded and the emotions come flooding in.


Stephen Ministers keep personal information confidential. Therefore, you can feel free to share without worrying that anyone else will know about it. There are rare occasions when Stephen Ministers must share confidential information in order to save a life (suicide, homicide or abuse).

Stephen Ministers meet twice a month in small groups to give and receive peer supervision, which is necessary to help them provide quality care and grow as caregivers. They may share small amounts of general information about their care receivers, but they never tell their care receiver’s name and they do not share information that would reveal the care receiver’s identity.

We Are Here to Help

Your referrals coordinator will meet with you in person or by phone to understand your needs and begin the process of matching you with a Stephen Minister or other appropriate resources. Contact a coordinator below and they will be in touch with you soon.

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